Covid-19 Update


As the economy reopens The Business Centre continues to follow Government Guidelines to ensure the building is as safe as possible this is what we will continue to do –

  • Anti bacterial soap is available in the kitchens and bathrooms, the cleaning routine has been increased, the toilets/kitchens and communal areas are cleaned daily and monitored throughout the day. 
  • Hand rails, door handles and surfaces in all the communal areas are being disinfected on a daily basis. Handwashing notices are displayed in the kitchens and washrooms.
  • The main entrance and corridor doors are being held open throughout the day to avoid contact with handles
  • The reception area has been fitted with Perspex Safety Cough screens at the reception desk.
  • Hand wipes and antibacterial hand spray is available at the main entrance in the reception area and all clients and visitors are encouraged to use them. 
  • Mail and parcels are being handled with latex gloves and parcel deliveries will be left in a designated area for your collection in reception.
  • Covid-19 Health & Safety notices are being displayed at the entrance to the building
  • All clients and visitors must continue to wear face protection in the entrance and communal areas
  • Clients are asked to consider social distancing in their own offices


We are sure that you are all now aware of the importance of recognising the symptoms of the virus and if you or any of your colleagues are unwell with any of those symptoms you should not travel to or attend the office. If you or any one in your company should develop symptoms they should be sent home and stay at home for at least 7 days.